Otago Rail Trail Accommodation

The Crowsnest – Multiple Accommodation options in Oturehua. Phone 03 444 5846


Pictures from the Crow’s Nest summer 2010 / 2011

here are some of my guests..

Ben on the Ida Dam Fishing on the Ida Dam


PC309303a german family, justin and me..


Ben and Mila New Year

Justin and Mila


Alex, Sandrine and Mila

Bikes and other bikes Birthday party

all bikes are welcome

P1090049a P1090054a



P1130073a P1130086a


P1130094a P1130090a

P1130100a P1130102a

P1130103a P1130105a

P1130110a P1130118a

P1150128a P1180154a

P1180158a P1170145a


   Peter wrote @ December 8th, 2009 at 9:48 am   Reply

Great selection of photos. The wee dog is very cute.

   Helen & Volker wrote @ January 10th, 2010 at 10:19 am   Reply

Hi Julia & Justin!!!!

It was lovely speaking to you this evening! I ‘googled’ you straight away to see where you are ….. you weren’t hard to find:o)

It looks a great little place, shame we can’t come and visit for a weekend!

Bis dann Tschüss!

H & V xxx

   Hana wrote @ April 4th, 2010 at 9:01 pm   Reply

What I love about The Crows Nest, Oturehua…

Julia, she was so cruisey and laid back…Julia, you rock!!!
The quirkeyness of the place.
The area for the kids to play.
The outside bath…fkn awesome.
Ben, the dog. The kids loved playing with him.
A short walk to a fabulous feed, The Oturehua Pub.
Me and my hubby had separte sleeping quarters from the kids…fkn fabulous.
Oturehua felt safe.
We met another family there, Ozzies and awesome…Hiya to Barry, Helen, Isaac, Josh and Andrew.

Julia you need to put our family pics up…Hana

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