Otago Rail Trail Accommodation

The Crowsnest – Multiple Accommodation options in Oturehua. Phone 03 444 5846

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Snow and rain along the central otago rail trail

The winter is back. The last days it was getting colder. Raining and over night snow up in the mountains.

Not a lot of cyclists on the rail trail. And the people who where tough enough to cycle it were a bit freezing.

The view along the trail is nice. You can see the mountains with snow on.

Fingers cross that the weather gets better soon!

Rail Trail with snow on the mountains Ben on the rail trail

This is Ben.

Our 11 year old dog. He loves balls and is a very nice dog!

Crow’s Nest Accommodation

I’m running the Crow’s Nest now! Moved down on the first of  October with our gear. The weather is changing in the moment and snow could come. Saw alot of cyclists on the rail trail.. Freezing on the bikes.. We had a group of people staying last night and they were very happy, that the backpacker room was so nice and warm. We have got still alot of  beds available in October!