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Otago Central Rail Trail

Art Deko in Ranfurly and Race on the Rail Trail.

Nice summer weather and people on and around the rail trail having fun.

When are you here and enjoy some time on the rail trail?

Check out our nice accommodation and book in!

Busy on the Central Otago Rail Trail

Now the Rail Trail is getting more and more busy.

If you want to do the Rail Trail you should book your accommodation

in advance as some of the places are already full.

On the Rail Trail

Now I did a bit of the Otago Central Rail Trail. It was just from Oturehua to Wedderburn and back again.

Sun was out and we took our little dog Ben with us.. Sorry, had no idea that dogs are not allowed on the rail trail… Now I know.

Anyway, we had a great time out there and can’t wait to do more of the rail trail.  But be careful in the moment, there are many magpies attacking you because its breeding season and I was wearing Red, so don’t wear Red.