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The Crowsnest – Multiple Accommodation options in Oturehua. Phone 03 444 5846

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Groups on the Rail Trail / Accommodation

The Crow’s Nest is a great place to stay on the Rail Trail. And we have enough room for bigger groups!

Like the group a couple of days ago who enjoyed the stay in the Crow’s Nest and had a nice dinner in the

Oturehua Tavern  just across the road.

Best time to do the Rail Trail

If you planning on doing the rail trail,

why not in February?!

It looks like the Rail Trail gets quiet in this month…

So you get good accommodation on the trail

and can have a great time on your bicycle.

Don’t forget to book a night in the Crow’s Nest in Oturehua.

Great accommodation and good food in the Tavern just across the road!Oturehua

Oturehua Tavern, good food on the rail trail

The Oturehua Tavern is just across the road from the Crow’s Nest. Liz and Grahame are the new owner. Liz is cooking very nice english pub food and Grahame is a star behind the bar. They have got also a good Take Away Menu. Kitchen closed at 9 pm.

On the Rail Trail

Rain and sunshine, regardless of the weather, you will find cyclists on the rail trail.  I had a group of 8 people from Christchurch staying with me last night.  Really nice group of people.  They had an awesome dinner at the Tavern and enjoyed staying in the Crow’s Nest!

Wine and sunshine Ready to hit the rail trail PA288963a

Thanks for being my guests!!

Hello world!

Well we have just concluded our negotiations and we are all set to take over the management of the Crow’s Nest for the 2009/10 season.

We are really excited about this opportunity and will be a welcome relief from the daily grind of Christchurch.  It’s also great that friends Grahame & Liz Jones have recently taken over the Oturehua Tavern so between us we are looking forward to a great summer.

Julia has yet to do the Rail Trail but plans to ride it before things get too busy.  Justin has done it twice, once over four days and then again over two days.  He has also recently cycled the length of the country, all 2,000 km, in order to work up an appetite for some oysters in Bluff.

Anyway, we look forward to meeting all you keen cyclists over the coming months.