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Kids on the Rail Trail

A lot of kids doing the Rail Trail with there parents.

The Crow’s Nest is a great place for families!

And all kids love it here:

Everyone can do the Rail Trail!

I was so impressed by my last guest…

Colin lost one of his leg in an accident years ago.

It’s not about what you can’t do, it’s about what you can do!

He is cycling the Rail Trail like everyone else.

He has a bike with a little battery motor just in case the hill is to steep.

He is cycling with a clip-on and I guess his leg is very strong!

Well done Colin!!!

Al the best for you and the others! It was a very nice to meet you!

Groups on the Rail Trail / Accommodation

The Crow’s Nest is a great place to stay on the Rail Trail. And we have enough room for bigger groups!

Like the group a couple of days ago who enjoyed the stay in the Crow’s Nest and had a nice dinner in the

Oturehua Tavern  just across the road.

Otago Central Rail Trail

Art Deko in Ranfurly and Race on the Rail Trail.

Nice summer weather and people on and around the rail trail having fun.

When are you here and enjoy some time on the rail trail?

Check out our nice accommodation and book in!

On the Rail Trail

A lot happened in and around Oturehua.

We had a old Airplane here for a day and a lot of people took the chance to see Central Otago from the sky.

And the old Hays Engineering place had a big open day and a garage sale.

If you doing the rail trail you should stop at the Hays Engineering place and have a look around.

It cost you only $7 and is worth seeing!!!

Up in the sky over Oturehua:

Hays Engineering had a open day and a garage sale:

Christmas on the Rail Trail

The Crow’s Nest is open over Christmas!

So if you want to spent Christmas here, you are more than welcome!

We wish you all a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!


The first guests in the Hot Tub

This weekend was busy.  A lot of cyclist on the rail trail.

A group from Wellington enjoyed the new Kiwitub at the Crow’s Nest.

They were a group of 9 and shared the tub over the night..

It was already dark and they still relaxed in it under the stars…

That’s what you need after a day cycling.

Kiwitub, first guests in it

Kiwitub on the Rail Trail

Clean water hot tub, no chemicals,

no-one else has been in the water.


that could be you sitting in there…

Yes, now we have a hot tub! Come and stay in the Crow’s Nest

and relax after a long day cycling in a hot tub!

The only one in Oturehua!

Check out www.kiwitub.com

Walking the Rail Trail

A group of 5 girls were walking the Rail Trail as a part

of “Duke of Edenburgh” or so…

Anyway, they stayed 2 nights at the Crow’s Nest and they had a good time!

Well done! Sunshine..

German people on the rail trail

I meet more and more German people who are doing the rail trail. Cool!! It was nice talking in German again.. But funny: sometimes I have to think about what the German word is… That’s happen when you live over 2 years in New Zealand. You start dreaming and thinking in English. Even if it’s not perfect..

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