Otago Rail Trail Accommodation

The Crowsnest – Multiple Accommodation options in Oturehua. Phone 03 444 5846

Walking the Rail Trail

A group of 5 girls were walking the Rail Trail as a part

of “Duke of Edenburgh” or so…

Anyway, they stayed 2 nights at the Crow’s Nest and they had a good time!

Well done! Sunshine..

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   Catherine Gaffaney wrote @ January 8th, 2010 at 2:07 pm   Reply

I was one of these walkers. I would just like to say that we found The Crows Nest accommodation excellent!! Julia was super friendly and very accommodating. We loved the atmosphere and were very impressed with how it was put together and run. I’d recommend The Crows Nest to anyone walking or cycling the Rail Trail or simply wishing to stay in the area. The buildings and area it is set in are beautiful and it is definitely a great place for those seeking a relaxing place to stay at the end of a hard day walking/cycling.

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