Otago Rail Trail Accommodation

The Crowsnest – Multiple Accommodation options in Oturehua. Phone 03 444 5846

Rail Trail Accommodation

It has been quite interesting over the last few weeks with all the amazing people doing the rail trail.

It equally interesting how some days are busier than others, for example, you would think that weekends are busy but some weekends we have had no customers at all and the Rail Trail is very quiet.  Then, for no apparent reason Tuesdays are our busiest night.  This could be because we are positioned at the second night stop of people are doing it over three or four days.

Now however the phone and e-mail is going non-stop as more and more people enquire about accommodation.  We suggest you make your bookings sooner rather than later as we had one situation where someone enquired about space and when they called back two hours later to confirm it had already gone.

You can either use the various companies servicing the Rail Trail or contact us directly.  We still have plenty of space available even though the recent wind and rain has not put people off.

And the HOT TUB gets used more and more:

Kiwitub perfect after a cycle enough space for 5 people

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